carsales creates viral AutoAds in Aussie first

Selling a car privately on carsales? Now you can make your own big-budget video adverts in minutes

New car ads are BIG… Epic. Impressive. Mountains, rivers, cityscapes… Beautiful people…

But what if every second-hand car could also get its own moment in the spotlight?, with the help of CHE Proximity and Guilty, has created AutoAds, a new campaign that has made this a reality.

Create your own AutoAds here

AutoAds delivers every private seller the opportunity to have their own big, expensive-feeling car ad. And for a limited time carsales is offering AutoAds to private sellers at no extra cost.

Kellie Cordner, carsales Chief Marketing Officer, said AutoAds appeals to the innovative DNA within carsales.

“AutoAds is an Australian first. It demonstrates carsales’ unwavering commitment to invest in new technology to help Australians sell and buy a car with confidence and ease,” Cordner said.

“We want to make the buying and selling process seamless, not soul-less. AutoAds adds some fun,” she commented.

carsales now offers a fun, innovative new way to sell your car

“With social communities playing an increasingly large part in almost everything we do, the fun and personalised nature of AutoAds is an engaging way for our private sellers to get the word out that their car is up for sale,” Cordner continued.

Every AutoAd is unique.

The first tool of its type for the Australian auto category, AutoAds has the potential to produce 1.2 trillion unique car commercials, with no two ads ever the same.

After listing their car at carsales, each private seller receives five unique themed
40-second AutoAds from which to choose and post on their Facebook page.

The themes are Adventure, Family, Tough, Luxury and City.

AutoAds is an Australian first, with 1.2 trillion possible video combinations

To capture the five distinct themes and characters, hundreds of scenes and thousands of VO clips, carsales’ partner CHE Proximity teamed up with award-winning comedy director Tony Rogers and the very versatile actor, Kai Smythe.

The AutoAds footage is combined with photographs of the seller’s car via a purpose-built algorithm.

Matt Rose, Technical Director – Product and Comms, at CHE Proximity, said AutoAds is unique because it uses server-less technology that allows thousands of ads to process concurrently on-demand.

“The tool is fully integrated with carsales and instantly generates five bespoke themed AutoAds on demand every time a private seller posts a listing on carsales,” explained Rose.

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