Edition 13 of Auto Market Watch

Welcome to Edition 13 of Auto Market Watch – carsales’ trade magazine delivering insights and analysis for Australian dealers, automakers and anyone who loves cars and the industry as much as we do!



Don’t miss these 5 highlights

1. And the winner of carsales Car of the Year 2018 is …
SUVs took positions out positions 1, 2 and 3, but and how did the judges arrive at the winner? Find out more with our comprehensive look at carsales Car of the Year, plus find out just what this award can do for a model’s share of segment enquiry.

2. Minimise holding costs with market-targeted pricing
Discover how LiveMarket Kilometre Adjusted Pricing (KMAP) can help you price stock to sell faster – first time – and avoid incurring expensive holding costs that drag down gross profit.

3. Social spotlight: Driving qualified enquiries through retargeting
carsales Digital Marketing Manager Caitlin Retell chats to us about the innovative and effective carsales retargeting program and shares 3 key secrets to getting it right – more often than not!

4. Australian Market Review: September – November 2018
Soaring SUV sales and pain for passenger – we dive into the VFACTS numbers and compare how some key segment rivals have fared against each other this year, with just one more sales month to come in 2018.

5. Drive brand engagement and stimulate sales
Get an idea of what carsales Challenge, Pre-launch model showcase and Clearance Centre solutions can do for your new models about to hit Aussie showrooms … and not-so-new models that could do with a sales kick.




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