Shift metal FAST

Hands up if you like securing a good deal? You’re certainly not in the minority.

In tougher times, Australian car buyers are even keener to hunt down a good deal and turn to the biggest and most trusted auto classifieds website——to find their next car.

In tougher times for car brands, clearing aged stock without taking an axe to margins and impacting market positioning, has always been a challenge.

In years gone by, full page print ads plastered with sale signs and red ink, or big budget TV commercials were the answer—drawing above the line attention to these clearance models.

Now there’s a holistic digital retail solution designed specifically to clear out aged stock and even out the annual sales peaks and troughs, while preserving brand positioning and pricing strategy.

Value not discounts

Clearance Centre is a powerful retail campaign that generates sales enquiries on designated aged and excess stock—and help automakers shift this metal fast.

“Clearance Centre showcases the specific models that OEMs want to clear fast, through an engaging digital experience that protects the brand and its price points,” explains Lauren Smith, Head of Product Media, OEM and Corporate at Ltd.

“Leveraging our class-leading audience targeting, VINtelligence and other carsales smarts,Clearance Centre targets buyers at the pointier end of the purchase journey, delivering the OEM’s dealer network an increase in qualified enquiries for quick sales conversion,” said Smith.


As a holistic retail campaign, Clearance Centre has major touch points covered. Ad placements on and off network drive buyers to a bespoke landing page that showcases clearance models.


The Clearance Centre landing page is a fully immersive brand destination featuring key information, eye-catching imagery and content from carsales’ expert Editorial team that increases brand and model consideration. From here, a buyer can dive into relevant dealer listings and submit an enquiry.


For buyers searching for cars organically, listing Promote tools ensure that specific clearance inventory ranks higher in search results – to attract more views and enquiries.


Best of all, the additional enquiries generated by Clearance Centre are free for dealers, and VIN management and governance ensure that only approved vehicles are promoted.


“Past Clearance Centres have delivered our clients exceptional results across the full funnel, leading ultimately to sales, which validates the real power of the product. We see Clearance Centre clients go on to invest in further activity with us, as it proves we are an effective business partner who can drive real outcomes,” Smith concluded.

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